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Purford Green School

Purford Green School

School Meals

School meals are provided for those who require them, and are prepared in the school kitchen and eaten in the school hall.

We always ensure a vegetarian option every day. A menu is available on our website or from the office.

We are always trying to improve the quality of our lunchtime menus and we constantly review our meals and lunchtime arrangements. All of the food we serve is fresh and sourced locally. Fresh fruit, salad and water is available everyday and the children are able to have as much of this as they choose.

Dinner money is payable in advance and payments made via our online payment system. You are also able to pay via any pay point or post office.

We do not allow parents to owe more than one week’s dinner money £12.00). We cannot provide a meal for children after this time.

Some children are entitled to free school meals. It is important that parents/carers apply for this even if they do not always have school meals since it may enable your child to access other benefits in school. Please be aware that free school meals are never back dated and you will be expected to pay for all meals unless you are entitled to free school meals. All schools are told the start and end dates for eligibility for free school meals.

For further information please ask at the school office.

Packed Lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch to school. It should be in a secure, labelled container and should also contain a drink. We ask parents and carers to think carefully about the contents of their child’s packed lunch. We have a healthy school award and do not allow sweets or chocolate bars in lunch boxes.

We ask parents to ensure that food containing peanuts, including peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches, are not included in a child’s lunchbox. For some of our children with a severe peanut allergy, this can be life threatening. 

Lunch at home

Children who go home for lunch should be collected from the school office at 12 noon and returned to the school office between 12:55 and 1.00pm