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Purford Green School

Purford Green School

Parents Views

Purford Green is continually looking to work with all members of its community.  So we can continue to grow and develop we regularly ask for feedback from parents, this may be formally or informally.

Our latest Parent View results show that at least 99% of parents would recommend our school to someone else.

My child is happy at school 100%
My child feels safe at school  100%
This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved  100%
My child has not been bullied, or if my child has been bullied the school dealt with the bullying quickly and effectively  100%
This school makes me aware of what my child will learn during  the year 99%
When i have raised concerns with the school, they have been dealt with properly or i have not had to raise concerns with the school 100%
This school has high expectations for my child 98%
My child does well at this school 100%
The school lets me know how my child is doing 100%
There is a good range of subjects available to my child at the school  99%
My child can take part in clubs and activities at this school  97%
This school supports my child's wider personal development and wellbeing 


I would recommend this school to another parent  99%

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments, these include:

  • It's a very caring school. All the staff are lovely.
  • My son has come on so much since starting school. I can't thank the staff/teachers enough, they have been amazing.
  • I am very happy with my daughter's learning and development.
  • My child has excelled, thank you.
  • I am so happy with how my child is doing and how she is being treated by the staff in the nursery. So happy. 
  • I would definitely recommend the nursery for others. Very reassuring and offer support. My son gets very excited going to school and making lots of progress with his development. 
  • The school is brilliant. All three of my children love coming to school.
  • There is a really enthusiastic approach to teaching the children at Purford Green. 
  • My son has grown in confidence at Purford Green and has developed immensely 
  • My child started in January 2024. He was welcomed very warmly and made to feel at home. This helped him settle very quickly. 
  • Fantastic teachers and support system!
  • My son always enjoys coming to school every day. Thank you.
  • My daughter has continually improved both academically and personally whilst being at Purford Green. Teachers are amazing and always care about the children.
  • My son has enjoyed his time at the school, and we would like to thank everyone for the support given over the years. 
  • Very happy with my daughter's progress and how confident she is. That is all down to the great teachers at the school.
  • Very grateful for all the schools support and encouragement. Many thanks. 
  • Very happy with this level of attention and care towards the children. 
  • School ensures my son's interests are used to help him learn. Lovely school community and so glad I chose this school for him. 
  • School staff are quick to respond to parents and put support in place as needed. School feels warm and welcoming always. 
  • Amazing support and communication for the wellbeing of my children.