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Purford Green School

Purford Green School


At Purford Green Primary School we are committed to providing inspirational teaching that challenges and guide pupils so they feel valued, supported and safe. We aim to equip our whole school community with resilience and perseverance so that all pupils are able to become independent thinkers and learners for life.


We are part of Passmores Cooperative Learning Community which has created a group of academies with a reputation for delivering a great education to all our young people, whilst ensuring a sense of family and belonging for all members of our community.

All our young people:

  • are highly valued and expected to achieve their full potential, no matter what their socio-economic background;
  • benefit from an inclusive ethos, excellent teaching and a broad and balanced curriculum underpinned by strong leadership, in a local school;
  • are supported and encouraged to lead healthy and active lives making sensible choices, whilst respecting the views and attitudes of others.



Our Vision is ambitious and wide ranging for the whole community. It is characterised by our commitment to providing a rounded educational experience so that:

All our young people will enjoy their learning, understand that we all continue to learn throughout our lives, attain high outcomes and be helped to become confident individuals and responsible citizens, whilst making excellent progress.


Values and Principles

Our collective values form the framework for all our actions. As a Co-operative multi-academy trust, we are strongly guided by the following values:

Self-help                                            Self-responsibility                                           Democracy

Equality                                              Equity                                                               Solidarity

Honesty                                             Openness                                                         Social responsibility

                         Caring for others


All PCLC schools have an approach that is based on the following key principles:

  • Our unconditional positive regard ensures that every young person is highly valued and expected to achieve their potential;
  • every young person has the right to be successful and has ability to achieve, no matter what their socio-economic background;
  • there is no limit to achievement – intelligence can be developed;
  • each student must know what to do in order to improve and how to do it, high expectations on their own are not enough;
  • consistency of experience is fundamental; each school is a team and consistency makes us greater than the sum of our parts;
  • employment opportunities in PCLC schools should allow all colleagues to inspire a love for learning; not simply process and record what we find.


Trust Board Priorities

To achieve our Vision:

  • All schools must create an environment to support students’ growth, including supporting them to have good mental health;
  • All schools in the Trust will focus on strategies for improving outcomes for disadvantaged students.
  • Leadership across the Trust must define and demonstrate what ‘high expectations’ means within their context and constantly remind the staff and students of the need to set and meet challenging goals to achieve them;
  • Financial efficiency is an ongoing factor to ensure the Trust is sustainable and can flourish.
  • The Trust will actively pursue ethical and financially efficient expansion.